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Our history

Residenza Paolo VI has been inaugurated in 2000, year of the Holy Jubilee, as the only hotel in the Vatican Area. As an Hotel, which is located directly in the ancient wall of the venerated Augustinian Order, it offers an unusual atmosphere of spirituality, which grows up just thinking about the closeness to S. Peter’s Dome. This catholic home under the direction of the Ambassador of Rome in the World, Senator Dr. hc. Hans-Albert Courtial, fascinates since its establishment for the strong connection to the Vatican, because nowhere in Rome it is possible to take part to the catholic live with such an intensity. The attendance to the liturgics feasts and the General Audience of the Holy Father is natural for the Residenza.

Also in the evening it is possible to live the awareness of such closeness to the heart of the Christianity, thanks to the wonderful terrace which offers a direct view of the papal rooms and Saint Peter’s Dome.

The Residenza owes its name to the close and cordial relationship of its Manager Senator Dr. hc. Hans-Albert Courtial and the venerated late Pope Paul VI, to whom he consecrates the Residenza. Pope Paul VI went down in the history as the first pope of the 20th century who travelled outside Italy und made for the first time intercultural and interreligious communication possible.

The Augustinian Order, from which walls the Residenza found is place, has been in this square since 1886 and controls from here all the Augustinian Community worldwide. This Order is one of the oldest religious community and owns its name to Saint Augustinian, who wrote down in the 4th century the rules of the Order which are still valid today.

It was just in the 13th century that the order was confirmed as an official one within the range of the several orders’ foundation, when pope Innocent IV summarized and confirmed the rules. For 750 years the order has been dealing with the Lord’s Annunciation, the cure of souls and the promotion of Arts and Sciences, first of all the study of the Holy Scripture and serves with that the wide Christendom.
Today the Order counts about 50 (Zirkumskriptionen) Constituencies and about 2800 members all around the world. From the academic point of view its members has been dealing since 1969 with the education of Patristic and the promotion of the patristic studies, with studies about the history of the Augustinian order. The roman Vicariate also attends the parochial and the students’ cure of the soul, the school’s lessons, the apprentice’s cure of the soul, the study and the education of the future members of the order.

This incomparable mixture of tradition, closeness to the pope, cooperation with the oldest order and the comfort of a 4 stars hotel makes the stay at Residenza Paolo VI an unique experience since 12 years.

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